Willkommen auf Europas größter Outdoor-Plattform zur Tourensuche und Routenplanung 

Lieber Wanderer, Radfahrer, Tourengeher, Bergsteiger und Outdoor-Freund: Du bist am Ziel Deiner Reise angekommen.

Dear hiker, cyclist, tourer, climber and outdoor friend: You have arrived at the destination of your journey. We salute you, make yourself comfortable and feel at home on Europe's largest outdoor platform. Because here is your base camp, your planning office, your comfort zone and home base for everything that revolves around the topics tour search and route planning for outdoor enthusiasts. At Outdooractive you will find the most beautiful cycling tours, the best hikes, spectacular mountain tours and you can plan your own tours worldwide. No matter what you are looking for, what sport and activity you prefer to do, how well trained or how old you are: Touring and route planning, that's our thing.

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Great stories that take you to places you certainly would not have known.


Report Passing the Brocken Railway during a hike up to the peak taking the Heinrich-Heine-Trail
Report · 2018-05-29
Northern Germany’s highest mountain and meeting place of witches during Walpurgis Night – The Brocken is a well-known site. ...
by Wiebke Hillen,  Outdooractive Editors
Report View of the Siebengebirge
Report · 2018-06-05
The Siebengebirge (“Seven Mountains”) is a mysterious place that is the home of many myths and fairytales. Even its peaks tend to carry ...
by Cathrina Maria Beckers,  Outdooractive Editors
Report Venenciador is one of the most traditional professions in the Jerez region
Report · 2018-04-24
Its color palette spans from primrose to golden and amber to dark mahogany colors. And its range of flavors and taste nuances are equally diverse ...
by Rosa Rietzler,  Outdooractive Editors
Report Handwritten composition by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Report · 2018-05-08
Even during a short stroll during the city’s alleys, you keep running into the same odd personality. No one else shaped the cityscape so ...
by Veronika Leikam,  Outdooractive Editors

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